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Why is CPR so important for baby sitters?

You may think that CPR is not of importance for a babysitter, who is only going to be taking care of kids for a few hours at a time. This is far from the truth. CPR training is very important for sitters to have knowledge of at all times no matter how frequent or how short the time of watching the children. Let me share a few reasons why.


1.  Caregiver - Any care giver needs to know CPR. Because being a caregiver means you are responsible for the well-being of those you care for.


2.  Kids get into trouble - Kids do not fully understand all the concepts of danger around them and almost always mange to find ways to get themselves into dangerous situations.


3.  Emergencies cannot be predicted - Emergency situations can happen at anytime. To think noting is going to happen in a few hours is native today.


4.  Time is of essence - When a person has stop breathing or their heart has stop beating. You can not wait for someone else to arrive. CPR needs to immediately start. The longer the person is deprived of oxygen the lower their chances of being revised and recovering.


5.  The only 'adult' in the house - The children are not the only ones, whom a babysitter may need to administer CPR to. Unexpected situations can arise where she may need to administer CPR to the parents or the neighbors.




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